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UYANA pure indulgence

The design of the house and the furniture is inspired by many travels of the owner. The various unique pieces were partly co-designed by him and produced in Sri Lanka. The woods used are high quality teak and treated mahogany. In addition, stones with a special surface were chosen for the bathrooms. The house was designed by the owner and built by a leading construction company in Sri Lanka.
The lighting concept is warm, unobtrusive and pleasant. Every work of art in UYANA pure indulgence has a reference to modern Sri Lanka.

The garden has been planted with hand-picked flowers and unique, fragile, almost fairytale trees around the pool. The location of the building has been chosen so that the pool offers a particularly beautiful view of the rice field.


The owner was supported by the landscape architect Carolin Riede BSLA from Switzerland. The web design and programming was realized by SMS, Pascale Sigrist from Switzerland.
Andreas Gloor, Proprietor

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